left: post-performance print in plaster

right: pre-performance print

performance with monotype print on bedsheet, plaster, and paintbrush. 4ft x 5ft. 2020

monotype, paint, embroidery, transfers, glue, dye, collage on bedsheet. 5ft x 5ft. 2020

screenprint on bedsheet. 4ft x 5ft. 2020.

transfers of paintings and prints on plastic sheeting. 9in x 12in. 2020.

monotype, pencil, marker, collage, transfers of photoshop files, paintings, drawings, and prints on paper and plastic sheeting. 18in x 20in. 2019

paint and embroidery on fabric based off of a monotype. 3ft x 4ft. 2019.

monotype, transfers of google image search results and text on paper. 9in x12in each. 2020

monotype, screen print, transfers of monotype and photoshop files on paper and plastic sheeting. 18in x 28in. 2019. 

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